Desk Type 30°


TE210-30 is fixed on platform such as desk, enable the tablet at 30° toward user. It is best to be fixed on a low height platforms.

It is designed for easy installation and high security for tablet used in business and public.







Public information kiosk



Various Color

TE210-30 comes in white and black as default. You can also add your own color as custom finish.


Default: Black/White


Custom color


One enclosure for all tablets


Our enclosure is designed with face sheet and insert fit kits, which allow for the use of different tablets. Simply change the fit kit and face sheet inside the enclosure, you can change the tablet. And if you don't see any of our fit kit and face sheet suitable for your tablet, we will customize for you.



High security&Full protection


Lock up capability

Simple “Push-lock” and unlock with key

Kensington lock slot

Kensington lock slot add additional security

Aluminum alloy tube 

Aluminum-Magnesium alloy strong and light weight

PC/ABS enclosure

Strong also keep tablet clean and enable wi-fi connection

TPE fit kit

Soft TPE fit kit minimize impact to tablet

Cable management

Cable go inside the system and protected


Upgraded Add-on

Add-on upgrade the tablet enclosure with more functions, they will be ordered separately.


Landscape& Portrait Switch

Switch allow the tablet change from Landscape position to portrait with a 90° turn anytime.


Rotate allow the tablet enclosure make a 270° pivot.  

Freestanding base

Freestanding base is heavy weight, allow the tablet enclosure stand without drilling holes and moveable, yet steady.


Extra Add-on

Add-on allow the tablet enclosure with extra value, they will be ordered separately.


Custom color

Add your customized color specific to the environment.

Audio port

3.5mm audio port allow connect the tablet with headphones.

Data&Charging Cable

The 90° angle cable make the best use of space inside the enclosure.


Flexible Mount Option


 Mount from above surface

 Mount from below surface

Tech Spec
Material Enclosure: HD ABS
  Face plate: Steel (Powder coated)
  Face sheet: PMMA
  Fit kit: TPE
  Mounting tube:

Aluminum-Magnesium alloy

  Mounting plate: Steel (Nickel plated)

Compatible tablets

Our enclosure is designed with face sheet and insert fit kits, which allow for the use of different tablets with one enclosure.


iPad 2/3/4


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3/4 10.1

iPad Air


Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

iPad Air 2


We will customize for you if your tablet is not listed above. We will make new fit kit to suit your tablet.

Face sheet home button& Camera options:


iPad 2/3/4/Air/Air 2


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3/4/S


Exposed home button& Exposed camera

Exposed home button& Exposed camera

Exposed home button& Covered camera

Exposed home button& Covered camera

Covered home button& Exposed camera

Covered home button& Exposed camera

Covered home button& Covered camera

Covered home button& Covered camera


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